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The Car Show Stats and Overview

  • Participants45 trucks, cars, and bikes
  • Classes: 15 Classes (including original and modified)
  • Awards: Tophies (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)
  • Specialty Awards: 1. Best of Show 2. Best Paint 3. Best Interior 4. Best Display 5. Pastor’s Choice 6. Teen’s Choice
  • Registration: 8 am – 12 pm/$20.00
  • Judging: Point System after Registration Ended
  • Dash Plaques: No
  • Name of Car Show: Freedom Church Auto Show
  • Organization Hosting the Show: Freedom Church
  • City & State: Gallatin, TN
  • Date of the Show: September 29, 2012


1. Sport Compact Mild
2. Sport Compact Wild
3. Mini Truck
4. Full Size Truck
5. Stock Pre-1960
6. Stock 1961 – 1980
7. Stock 1981 – 1999
8. Modified Pre-1960
9. Modified 1961 – 1980
10. Modified 1981 – 1999
11. Late Model Original (2000 & Up)
12. Late Model Modified (2000 & Up)
13. Random Rides
14. Under Construction
15. Motorcycles


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Unlike last week, this car show adventure started out nice and smooth.  Getting up was no problem.  Knowing that we only had a 10 to 15 minute ride was a nice change of pace from the one to two hour rides that we have been going on lately.  We headed out around a quarter to eight.  Destination – Freedom Church Auto Show.  I had talked with the organizer the night before to find out the classes so that we could determine whether to bring one car or two.  If Toby’s Mustang and my Camaro are in the same class, we just take his car.  It turned out that we were going to be in two different classes because (1) his car is modified and my car is not and (2) we are way different year models; his is a 1999 and mine is a 2010.

As we left the house, the sun was shining brightly in the morning sky; however, when we crossed through Gallatin, the fog set in and you could barely see the road.  It was certainly ominous even though Leland had called for partly sunny, upper 60s to low 70s.  When we arrived at the church, the fog had not let up one bit.  It looked like it was going to take a while to burn off.

Freedom Church Car Show - TN Car shows -

Notice how the massive amount of fog covering the background.

Registration was easy and pleasant.  There was a tent set up so that the participants could register quickly and then pull in to the nicely paved church parking lot.  There was someone directing the cars where to park.  The church was nice enough not to scrunch everyone together.  We had plenty of space to open our doors and clean our cars while giving spectators room to move through.

Freedom Church Auto Show - tn car shows -

A blue Mazda 3 is registering for the show.

Once we were nestled in, we waited for the cars to arrive.  There were only a handful of cars when we got there.  We had the privilege of parking next to a wonderfully restored 1979 Pontiac Firebird.  It was all original, including the 8-track player and tapes that decked out the interior of this car.  The black and gold was very reminiscent of a time when fast cars and gas-guzzling V-8s roamed the streets. This is one of three that belongs to the man in the photograph. I didn’t catch his name, but I am sure that I will get it at a car show in the future.  His other two are white and red.

1979 Pontiac1979 Pontiac Trans Am at the Freedom Church Auto Show - tn car shows -

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

As I had stated earlier, I had talked with the organizer of the event, and he was worried that turnout was going to be low due to people attending other car shows such as the one at McKendree Village in Hermitage or a recently announced one at the Sumner County Municipal Airport.  Even though the traffic trickling in was extremely slow and hope for a large crowd dissipated, we heard the distinct sounds of loud, alcohol filled engines.  As we looked to the off ramp, we saw a car caravan that would make any car enthusiast excited.

caravan of muscle cars and trucks - tn car shows -

A caravan of muscle cars and trucks arrive from Lebanon and Hartsville, TN to the Freedom Church Auto Show.

Convertible Mustang & Grabber Blue Mustang - tn car shows -

In this line of cars are a Convertible Mustang and a Grabber Blue Mustang.

In that line of cars were some car show regulars that had caravanned up from the Lebanon/Hartsville area to come to the show.  After their impressive arrivals, it seemed that Toby’s messages on the Music City Mustang Club forum and Facebook page may have worked.  Mustangs of all years began to stream in along with a distinctive silver Ford Lightening truck that belonged to fellow member, Brad.

Ford Lightning Truck and Ford Mustang Roush - ten car shows -

Brad’s Ford Lightning Truck and Brent’s Ford Mustang Roush – Members of the SVTgarage

As with most car shows, there were a few vendors on hand selling their wares, great food, and 50/50 tickets.  This show also had a fundraising game – guess the weight of a large white oak log.  For $1.00 you had the opportunity to support the church’s mission trip to Peru as well as see how good you are at determining how heavy a super large object that requires the help of a crane is.  I bet you are wondering how I knew that this log was white oak…Well, Ray, who owns the flamed-up 1970 model Chevy pickup has white oak lining the bed of his truck. With a single whiff of the log, he was able to determine with great precision what type of wood it was.  I thought that knowing the type of wood would help me with my estimate.  My guess was grossly miscalculated.

tn car shows -

Winner of the “Guess the Weight of the Log” Contest

The winner was a little girl who predicted that the log weighed 4300 pounds. She was the closest and won a basket full of goodies.

1970 Chevy C10 - tn car shows -

Ray’s 1970 Chevy C10 – a tribute to the Vets of Vietnam

Speaking of Ray’s truck, he said that this was a tribute truck to the soldiers who returned from Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s.  This was the type of truck that they would have seen rolling down the streets on their arrival.  The truck is decked out with a POW flag as well as an American flag.

The fog burned off around 11:00 am and the day turned out to be a great day for a car show.  Judging began promptly at 12:00 noon when registration ended.  Each car was on cleanliness.  Below is a copy of the judging sheet.  I found it interesting that a car would lose five points if the participant talked to the judges.  That definitely keeps people from harassing or trying to persuade the judges to be more favorable toward his or her car.

Car show judging sheet freedom church car show 2012 - tn car shows -

Judging Sheet for Freedom Church Car Show 2012

During some of the down time between cleaning and awards, I ran into a few of my students from school. Most of the time, I freak out if anyone is too close to my car and won’t even let someone touch.  But today, when my students asked if they could sit in my car, there was no way I could say no.

2010 Camaro SS - Freedom Church Car Show - tn car shows -

Trying out a 2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS at the Freedom Church Auto Show - tn car shows -

Gabe in a 2010 Camaro SS at the Freedom Church Auto Show

Awards began promptly at 2:00 pm.  They announced the winner of the “Guess the Log Weight” contest and then the 50/50. Today’s jackpot was a little over $100.00.  Although I bought a car’s length of tickets for $20, I still didn’t win.  The lucky person today is also the proud owner of a Grabber Blue early model Mustang.

Early Model Grabber Blue Ford Mustang - tn car shows -

Early Model Grabber Blue Ford Mustang

50/50 drawing at tn car shows -

Here he is putting that wad of cash into his pocket from the 50/50 drawing

Many of my car show friends and other familiar faces took home a prize today of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  Today was a great day.  I don’t mind whether I win or lose, but I love to see my friends win.  As I get to know more and more people, I find that it is the car show relationships that I enjoy more than the actual car show competition.  Watching people shine their cars and take pride in their work, meeting new people, and seeing how a passion for cars unites everyone makes the car show experience fun.

Awards at the 2012 Freedom Church Car Show - tn car shows -

Awards at the 2012 Freedom Church Car Show

Post Car Show Events:

As the cars filed out, the blue Mazda behind us had a technical issue.  His battery had run down.  He asked to borrow jumper cables, but no one had any.  Since it was a stick, the guys decided to give it a push off.  Another great advantage to owning a stick.

Mazda 3 - tn car shows -

Pushing off the Mazda because of Battery Failure

My favorite part of today’s show was in the leaving of the show.  For some reason, maybe it’s because it’s nearing the end of car show season, maybe the early morning fog cast some kind of magical spell on everyone, or maybe it’s what great car comradery does to everyone, but a few participants decided to leave a lasting impression at Freedom Church. It started out with one alcohol driven racing machine making a quick chirp of the back tires as he was heading out.  Of course, everyone had to one-up everyone else.  By the time the last few of us were leaving, Brad decided he would show everyone how to smoke the tires as the “Burn Out King.”  Too bad there wasn’t an award for this.  He would have gotten Best of Show.

Ford Lightning burnout - tn car shows -

Brad’s Ford Lightning Burning the Tires after the Freedom Church Auto Show

This was followed by my – no way I am wearing out my back tires and then my husband’s need to have a heavy foot.  On the way up the road, Toby decided he would give the left over spectators a show.  He hammered down on it through the gears, and as expected, torqued the engine too hard between third and fourth, thus blowing off his radiator hoses – again.  The first time was when we were going to the car show in Mount Pleasant.  You can read all about that review under the Mount Pleasant Car Show Review….

Thankfully, I was not behind him this time, so my car did not get soaked with radiator coolant.  Each time this has happened, we have been conveniently located near home or a gas station so that we could get more coolant.  And even more lucky is that we have always been in two cars rather than one.  I keep waiting for this to happen when we are traveling in his car together… J  If this keeps happening, I will nab a great shot of his car smoking steam from all of its orafices

Terminator Blower from a 2003 Cobra Mustang custom installed on a 1999 Mustang GT - tn car shows -

Terminator Blower from a 2003 Cobra Mustang custom installed on a 1999 Mustang GT

After filling up with new antifreeze and tightening the clamps, we were off to the car wash for a quick scrub down of the engine bay.  Looks like someone will have to polish the blower one more time this show season.


To see more pictures of the show, click on the image below:

tn car shows -

Freedom Church 2012 Photo Gallery

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