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The Car Show Stats and Overview

  • Participants: 47 cars, trucks, and bikes
  • Classes: 0 Classes
  • Awards: Plaques
  • Specialty Awards: Best Late Model Original, Best Early Model Original, Best Late Model Modified, Best Early Model Modified, Best of Show, Teachers/Coaches Pick
  • Registration: 8 am – 12 pm/$20.00
  • Judging: Winners chosen by organizers
  • Dash Plaques: No
  • Name of Car Show: 2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Shpw
  • Organization Hosting the Show: Coopertown Middle School Athletics
  • City & State: Springfield, TN
  • Date of the Show: Oct. 20, 2012


From the prospective of Car Show Source


This review will be fairly short and sweet since it was the first time that Toby and I participated from the perspective of a spectator rather than a participant. The drive from Gallatin, TN to Springfield, TN was quite pleasant.  Even though it was cold outside, we were nice and warm watching the colorful fall leaves dance around the side of the road as we took the scenic route, HWY 25, to the show rather than following our Garmin GPS’s advice and taking I65 South to Briley Parkway and then looping back up. We arrived at the show around 11:00 am. There were quite a few cars there, which was surprising.  We didn’t even know about this show until Friday night when Toby and my brother, Randal had attended the Friday Night Cruise-In at Indian Lake Cinemas.  We had already made plans to be somewhere else today.  This show was actually our first stop on the way to the Music City Camaro Club’s Fall Brawl at the Music City Raceway.


2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show - Springfield, TN

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show – Springfield, TN


When we arrived, we saw a 2005 windveil blue Mustang GT that was the twin to our 2006 windveil blue Mustang GT.  It was a one-owner in immaculate condition.  We have been seeing lots of windveils lately in the area.  This is really strange because this color was only put on the Mustang in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  Most of the time, the cars are v-6s, so it was a treat to see a fellow V-8, 4.6 liter at this show.


Springfield, TN Car Shows

2005 Windveil Blue Ford Mustang GT


Parked beside it was a car show regular, Semekia, in her 2011 Mustang Roush. There was actually a pretty good Mustang turn out at this show.  Brent was there, a member of www.SVTgarage.com, in his 427 Mustang Roush.  Leonard was there in his decked out black Mustang Cobra. There were a few more late models and some early model Mustangs, as well as Corvettes and Camaros.  Additionally, many other fine examples of American muscle cars graced the parking lot on this cool, October day.


Springfield, tn car shows

Corvettes at the 2nd Annual Eagles Classic Car Show


We perused the cars for a few minutes to see what the turnout was.  In all, almost 50 cars had shown up to the Coopertown Middle School to support their program.


Springfield TN Car shows

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show



Springfield TN car shows

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show


As with most car shows there were a few vendors, 50/50, t-shirts, and food.  We actually won a drawing today.   I always buy the 50/50 tickets and never win.  Today, while I was taking pictures, I saw a group of kids huddled around my husband. He bought $2.00 in tickets.  With just two tickets in hand, we ended up winning a $50.00 door prize.  In the end, we donated the $50.00 prize back to the athletics club. We had planned on donating money that we would have paid for the registration fee anyway, so this was a win-win for the car show and us.


springfield tn car shows

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show


Because this was school-sponsored fundraiser, there were also many spectators and lots of middle and high school-aged students hanging around enjoying the day.


springfield tn car shows

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show


Unlike most car shows, this one started their awards around 12:30 even though they had scheduled awards for 2:00 pm.  This was a nice treat. We like hanging out at the shows, but when the weather is chilly, it makes for a long day.  Since the organizers of the event chose the winners, there wasn’t a long judging process, which required adding up points or even a need to count votes from spectators or participants.  With only six awards to be given out, it went rather quickly.


springfield tn car shows

Richard Grayson, owner of a 1956 Chevy



springfield tn car shows

2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show


Here are some pictures of some of the winning vehicles:

Best Early Model Original: This truck had 28,000 original mile and was bought by the current owner’s father brand new.


springfield tn car shows

Best Original Early Model



Best Late Model Modified was this hot rod 80s model Camaro.

springfield tn car shows

Best Modified Late Model – Chevy Camaro


Leonard won Teachers/Coaches Pick in his Shelby Cobra Mustang.


springfield tn car shows

Shelby Cobra Mustang


This event seemed to be a good show if you want to get together with some friends, hang out for the day, and support a good cause – the team getting new uniforms.  There were only a handful of classes that were not revealed until awards were given out.  This left everyone speculating on who would win what….


The grounds were nice and clean.  The facilities were also nice and close by – no port-a-potties. At the end of the day, all of the food was half price.  The show didn’t feel the need to wane on as some do. I liked being able to leave early and head on to our next destination – the Music City Camaro Club’s Fall Brawl Drag Race and Car Show.


sprinfield tn car shows

CLICK HERE for More Pictures of the 2nd Annual Eagles Fall Classic Car Show


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    Once again a great review of a show that I did not attend but will next year based on the info provided here. Excellent job Tina!


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